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1.1.  Purchase procedure

FREE TIME MALLORCA, within the scope established by the changes, returns and cancellation policies of the website. The procedure to purchase services through the website is as follows: 

1.) Initiate the process by clicking on the button with a CART ICON next to each product or service. 

2.) Select the number of people that are going to do said activity or service, as well as the date in which it will be carried out. In the same section, the User must choose between two options: PURCHASE AS A GUEST OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


The User must fill in his or her details (name and e-mail address) for a correct reception of the purchase confirmation. Select one of the following payment methods: Payment via credit/debit card (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro or Mastercard or PayPal).

3.) In case you already have an account created with us, you will only have to fill in your E-MAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD.

4.) Next you will have to choose your payment method. The user will then access one of our secured purchase platform in which you will confirm the payment. 

5.) Finally, the User will receive confirmation on the acceptance of its order via a message displayed on the screen and an e-mail sent to the address provided earlier.

1.2. Prices and payment methods

All prices on the Website, except expressed otherwise, are displayed with VAT included. The User must pay his purchases via credit/debit card (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro or Mastercard).

1.3. Instructions for the use of the activity or acquired service

After the purchase of the activity or service you will receive an e-mail from FREE TIME MALLORCA with your verification code, instructions for using it and a location map for the activity chosen.

In case that the purchased activity needed a confirmation date, you will be sent a new e-mail confirming the requested date.

You shall present said e-mail, either printed in paper or displayed in any Smartphone or tablet screen, in the dealer where the user chose the activity or service.

1.4. Cancellations and returns 

FREE TIME MALLORCA reserves the right to accept or reject a purchase for any reason, including but not limited to the unavailability of a reservation, an error on the price or in the description, image of the service or product, or any other purchase error. In case a purchase is cancelled, the total amount will be refunded in the same way as the payment was carried out, in an approximate period of 2 to 15 calendar days.

The person who made the purchase will have the right to request the refund in a period no longer than 15 calendar days from the date of purchase, whichever was the service purchased via the Website. This condition will not be applied to purchases marked with a date prior to 15 calendar days until the day of said activity, in which case the client will not be able to request the refund of the amount of the purchase.

The inability to attend to the purchased service, or an error made during the purchase will not be valid reasons to proceed with the refund. The only refundable purchases are those in which FREE TIME MALLORCA receives an express order from the supplier, in cases such as adverse meteorological conditions, cancellations, date changes…

We exclude those returns that are derivative of an error from FREE TIME MALLORCA or the lack of availability of the requested service on the requested day from the supplier. In such case, FREE TIME MALLORCA commits to changing the activity or service for another available date that may be of the user’s interest. In case said change could not be carried out or the proposed date does not work for the user, we will proceed to do a full refund. To request a refund please contact us at 615270064 or at the e-mail address

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case the user does not cash in his or her ticket on the day of the activity due to the user’s fault, the ticket will be considered expired, not being possible its return, in which case the titular of the ticket will have no right to be refunded of the amount payed.

In the specific case of the purchase of a ticket without date or as a gift, be it via e-mail or gift box, the title holder will have 90 calendar days after the purchase to choose the date to carry out the activity, or else the ticket will become expired without possibility of refund.